What is LinguistLink?

LinguistLink is a website that makes communication and collaboration between managers and talent easy. The LinguistLink website opens the door to ask questions, assign projects, or engage directly with language professionals for any reason. 

Can I See a Demo?

Or schedule a zoom demo here.

What Makes LinguistLink Unique?

You can access diverse vendors

LinguistLink brings a diverse group of interpreters, translators, and other language specialists together to create a pool of qualified linguists. You have the ability in LinguistLink to view supplier profiles and get to know them and their qualifications. 

You can streamline communication

With LinguistLink, you can easily keep all communication in one place regarding a specific project or appointment. You will receive email notifications for quick communication. You can also log in to view messages so nothing is missed. LinguistLink should help avoid costly miscommunication mistakes.

You can stay current

All parties involved in a project are notified via email at any status change, message post, or other updates. 

You can monitor requests for the organization

By having a consistent way to monitor requests, your organizations will have data to help with future planning and understanding the language needs of your end clients.

You can collaborate

LinguistLink enables transparency for language access. All parties involved in providing language access services are literally on the same page by using this system. 

Who Uses LinguistLink?

The three main user types are:
Requester Scheduler Linguists

The Requester is generally the client who makes the initial request for the service. Using LinguistLink, the requester can make requests and track the status of projects. In addition, requesters can be actively participate in project discussions to enable the best possible results.

The Scheduler is a role that may not exist at every organization. This is usually a person or persons who provide a central clearinghouse for processing requests for services. The scheduler can review requests and select the linguists and vendors who would be the ideal to meet the needs. The Schedulers have the ability to on-board and manage vendors. The Linguists are the suppliers who perform the work. They can use LinguistLink to plan their schedules, accept (or reject) projects, and collaborate with all the stakeholders. They also have the ability to track their project history and submit time spent on projects.